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8 Things You Should Know When You Started Calisthenics

by Gravgear Team on

If you're just starting calisthenics and even if you're not, you're going to make major gains with these practical tips. They are: Back to the basics Improve grip...

14 (Practical) Tips for Effective Calisthenics Workout

by Gravgear Team on

Getting the most out of your training session every time is more important. A hyper-focused and quality workout session always outweighs many crappy sessions. Apply these techniques to...

Gymnastic Rings: Perfect Gear for Calisthenics Beginner

by Gravgear Team on

One of the most common misconceptions about gymnastics rings, is that they are only for advanced athletes. The gymnastic rings are very versatile and can be used by...

Best 5 Gymnastic Rings Workouts: Build More Muscle and Strength

by Gravgear Team on

Gymnastic rings are an excellent tool for building strength and muscle quickly. Unlike weights, gymnastics rings allow you to perform a much wider variety of exercises that are...

Weighted Vest Training for Maximum Results in Minimum Time

by Gravgear Team on

Weighted vests are great for calisthenics because they offer extra resistance for every exercise you do. That increases muscle activation and ensures all muscles get trained efficiently. This...

Home Calisthenics Workouts and Equipment (Beginner)

by Gravgear Team on

Home workout saves money, are simple and affordable, and you can gain the result as good as in the gym. You don't need a fancy gym membership to...

Calisthenics Beginner Guide (For Insane Gain)

by Gravgear Team on - 15 Comments

Calisthenics is the way to train with your own bodyweight, as a complete gym. Calisthenics is a form of workout and endurance training that has been around for...