Grav Weight Vest makes all workout harder. More gravity, more gain.

Level Up Your Fitness Game

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Double Down Your Fitness

Everything is easier when you take off the weight vest. Except it didn't get easier, but you get stronger.

One size fits all, unisex customizeable vest. Heavy-duty buckle with secure fitting belt.

Adjustable Weights

Best Weighted Vest in Singapore

Train with Grav Weight Vest shirt or shirtless. No rash, no irritation, easy on bare skin.

Premium Weight Vest Made For Perfect Comfort

From cardio to strength training, running, workout - Grav Weight Vest adapts all of it with ease.

Compact Weight Vest Made For Perfect Coordination

Up your fitness game

From bodyweight exercises to running, from martial arts to sports. Our users take their trainings to another level with Gravgear.

Your training buddy for life is real

Lifetime Warranty

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Our story

why gravgear

Created For One Reason

Gravgear was created for one and only one reason:

To bring you the collection of premium weight vests, calisthenics equipment & training gears the world has ever seen.

We build things we want to use. We do things that inspires us. Our calisthenics equipment, strength training & fitness gears bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special and ever lasting. Many believes to train ugly to look great thereafter, we think everyone should look badass on and off, with our equipment.

Each fitness training product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

Elevate your fitness game.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg now at $209 only.

You can fool anything, but not your fitness. 🤡

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Lifetime Warranty

Gears for life

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