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It’s actually really hard to find a good weight vest in SEA until I stumbled upon Gravgear by chance one day online. I can honestly say it is worth every cent. The make is of extremely high quality materials with lifetime warranty. Not to mention shipping cost for such a heavy material and it arrived in about 3 days. I use it for running and calisthenics and I can honestly say the challenge to do these have increased exponentially. The weights are removable so I am doing it in progression. Once you take it off to do drop weight sets you will be flying through your sets with ease, I kid you not. Definitely worth it to up your training game. My only complain is that I didn’t get it sooner. Highly recommended!

Boy oh boy, this thing ain't no joke. Probably the heaviest and the greatest weighted vest. Of course,it did challenged my workouts and made my training more exciting with different level of weights that I can control. This is definitely a must-have to all of those who are into training.

Why i chose Gravgear over other Weighted Vest?

- It looks damn cool especially styling wise when compared to other weight vest that’s available on the market, it’s way ahead in the design
- the weight bar are adjustable per kilogram, u don’t have to buy them separately
- it’s like have the most “IT” thing in town & make me motivated to push even more ✌🏼

It’s helping me burn more calories whenever I do low intensity steady state workouts. Fits perfectly as the straps are adjustable. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable even on a full load! Can’t wait to burn more calories!

Easy purchase and delivery to your door within 24 hours! Love the quality of the simplicity and quality of the product. If you do even a bit of walking it is worth the investment. Big fan!

Delivery of item was really fast. Like how it is adjustable and snug fitting. I really like the look, like the material and like how it helps me reach my goals with comfort on my body.

The best weight vest in the market! Love the design that fits on me very well without compromising my mobility. A great way to boost the workout intensity (especially when I'm on a tight schedule) and witness great improvements.

Just got it a few days back and wore it for my workout for the first time yesterday and I already know, this is some high quality stuff! Shoulder pads are thick yet not cumbersome, and the weights are nicely individually houses. When exercising there's not excessive movement that hinders or distracts. Lastly, the quality of the vest is really top notch! I'm glad (my fiancee) I got this. But there's one regret, I didn't get the 16kg one instead lol.

Love how snug and tight the vest is! It is important to have the vest close to your body while running or workout to keep it comfortable as if the additional weight is part of you to prevent any abrasion or other injury.

Love this vest. Have been using it for 2 months. Doing squats, push ups, long distance walks with this doubles the rate of fat burning. Comfortable. Doesnt cause any abrasion.

Recently I ran 9km with 8kg attached, and did bunch of bodyweight exercises with 10kg weights. Love how versatile the vest is and the shoulder pad allows the weight to sit comfortably on my shoulder without causing any pain or abrasions.
When it’s tightly strapped towards the body, i can run comfortably with minimum bouncing movement from the vest. And i like the pocket design that i can easily add and remove weights from the pocket.
Highly recommend if you want to increase strength training benefits, and level up your game!

I've been using the Grav weight vest for a couple of weeks and am extremely happy with the purchase! The vest is easily adjustable and can be cleaned easily as well.

Training with the vest will help you see rapid gains and take your workout to the next level. I highly recommend this purchase if you are looking to bring your game to the next level !!

Top tier weight vest that has unrivalled aesthetics! The vest fits well and tight onto your body so the weights really stay in place, having minimal movement and doesnt hinder you during the workout at all ! Also the weight bars fit really well and the padding is great as well ! Overall, a great weight vest and highly reccomended!

Definitely worth the price. Fast delivery it takes only 1 day. Extremely good quality.

It's a really great weight vest! Put it on for my training and it burns far more than I'd imagine! Superb quality and the best part is the ability to customise the weight to your own pace & ability.

Very convenient for my home legs training. This has help to add great intensity to my stairs cardio too!

have been looking for weight vest, this is definitely the quality one. it fits really well and good quality.

Great equipment to push your workout to another level. Really comfortable and fits nicely. Highly recommend it

With additional 10kg vest. 55 mins body weight workout that burns 700 cal is now at 1000 cal #nextlevel looking forward to increase to 16kg soon

Amazing Vest !! such a unique and sleek piece of equipment would definitely aid my workout session 💪🏼

A great equipment for calisthenics guys/girls!
Made to last and comfy on the skin too.

Totally love how this weight vest is not only super well made, but the weights itself are made so compact and easy for me to reduce and increase as and when I like. Love how have it in both men and women cutting too!

GravGear’s weighted vest is really compact and as someone who does a lot of weighted Calisthenics, it doesn’t shift or slide around the body. The weight blocks are small and compact thus it doesn’t obstruct or “stab” the ribcage and I can do crunches without limiting my range of motion.

The product is really made of durable and good quality materials. The support staff are really helpful and prompt in their replies! Had a minor issue with the first purchase and the staff attended to me without delay. Excellent service and I’m satisfied 👍🏻

The vest is really comfortable, fits well with the body and very good and strong quality. Well done Gravgear. :)