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Grav Weight Vest 12kg
Anonymous (Woodlands, SG)

Other than a slight manufacturing defect, all the weights feel sturdy! Can't wait to try it while training!

Is the reversed label the slight defect you meant there? Oh my that's embarrassing, please contact our team and we'll see how to make this right. Thanks for taking the time for the review, stay strong and stay awesome Vernon!

Grav Wrist Wraps - Zero
Gzno (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

Love the quality... The best wrist wraps i ever had!!!

Thanks for the love!

Best rings ever!

I really like it because it is very easy to set up and adjustable. Also i dont have to worry about being uneven. 100% recommend!! Also the straps is very sturdy so it won't spoil easily.

Thanks for taking the time for this awesome review!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Jay Lee (Singapore, SG)
Grav Weightvest

I've looked through literally 50 vests online, and decided to buy the Grav one - and have no regrets!!!
Very comfortable, with nice shoulder padding, no loose ends (which is super common), and very tight with the P-loop so that the vest is not going all over the place when I do weighted push-ups/ pull-ups.

Yo Jay! The fact you went through that much of the competition and chose us eventually, means a ton to our team! We're so glad the weighted vest lives up to your expectation (and hopefully beyond). Keep growing stronger!

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
R.E (Singapore, SG)
Great buy

I got the 12kg vest for Calisthenic, very solid and easy to put on. The front of the vest hangs center on my torso and the back sits centered between my upper and middle back which overall gives a great weight distribution. Material is not too harsh on the skin that I could wear it for an hour of bodyweight session. For someone at 176cm, 69kg - I think this size has the right balance between comfort and aesthetic. Snug and secure while not restricting your movement at the same time.

This glowing feedback is what we worked so hard for! Thanks fam for taking your time for this review. Stay awesome!

Grav Gymnastic Rings
Shawn L. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Top Notch As Expected.

After being thoroughly impressed by the quality of their weight vest, I couldn't resist the temptation to purchase these gym rings when they launched despite already owning another set. The moment I took them out of the box, I could already feel the Gravgear quality control on this bad boy. This review is written based on after 2 weeks of regular usage. Firstly, the rings were sanded perfectly and are a pleasure to touch. Has a nice little detail with the Gravgear logo etched into them. After 2 weeks the texture started to get less smooth which isn't a bad thing. Increases the grip in my opinion. I am not sure how the grip will increase further over time as stated in their description because of the wood that was used but I look forward to finding out.

What really caught my attention at the launch were the straps. I was enticed by the fact that I wouldn't have excess lengths of strap dangling and slapping me as I workout and also the fact that this uses a carabiner system to speed up adjustments (you can also see stitched markings on the strap to indicate the different levels to help with the adjustments quicker). Everything is stitched on so rest assured the markings won't fade over time. I'm pretty sure I can take the carabiner rock climbing as well (don't quote me on that) as they feel absolutely solid and secure.

Now, not all products are perfect but they can be given the right conditions. For me, the strap had one difference compared to the slide and lock mechanism on most gym rings after having used both. With the slide and lock, I can just stand on the ground and release or feed the strap accordingly to get my desired length. With Gravgear, if I wanted the rings higher for pullups, I would have to loop the strap around the beam several times to achieve the desired length. I think the mechanism works best for ring dip level to push up level.

But anyway, patience is a virtue and the tradeoff for not having excess strap dangling and getting in your face is definitely rewarding. Totally not a big deal and would I recommend this product, I already have and I most definitely will continue to.

Is the price justified? 1000 times yes because you will most definitely not find a product at such high quality anywhere I assure you with excellent customer service to match!

Something shines today in our store. I took a moment to look for it, only to realize that's your glowing feedback!

It is especially special to know you were drawn to get our gymnastic rings by our weight vest quality. So that we know we are on the right track to keep our stantdard high.

Thanks again for your time for this awesome review!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Anonymous (Kota Kinabalu, MY)
Cool vest ever!

Love the best design that Gravgear can made out of it! Super idol looking when it is attach to my body..feel like superman a strong soldier!

Aethetics is definitely our top priority in designing this product. Glad you love the look!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Azmir (Kajang, MY)
Versatile Work Out Equipment

Got it recently and been using it kind of non-stop. As it fits snugly to my body, i'm wearing it almost non-stop. It was a bit heavy at first but now i'm getting used to the weight. Nevertheless, my workout (bodyweight exercises) got an extra boost in intensity now with this vest! Very recommended for those who wants to break more sweat with the same amount of workout you're doing :D

Breaking way more sweat for the way more GAIN! Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Grav Wrist Wraps - Split
Cyril Tan (Subang Jaya, MY)

Outstanding product. Quality, aesthetics and ease of use. Have used it for weightlifting, pullups, kettlebell long cycles , push-ups

It's lovely to know the wraps helps in your wide range of trainings!

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
Ahmad Hilmi Ahmad Kamal (Kampung Baharu Nilai, MY)
Super nice and comfortable weighted vest

Really good product and very comfortable to use during workout, I can do frontlever and backlever without any uncomfortable feel whem I wear it 😁

We don't normally see our customers performing crazy skill with our product like this. When we do, our jaws drop. Great work there buddy and thanks for taking the time for this review!

Grav Wrist Wraps - Zero
Izz Idlan (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
5 ⭐ wrist wraps

Overall good product quality, i received it for free as i won the giveaway so tqvm Gravgear!!!

Glad you love the wraps buddy!

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
A.C. (Singapore, SG)
Thumbs Up Quality

Thumbs up for the quality of Grav weight vest. I bought mine during the pandemic and I used it almost every other day for my workout, and look at it (see attached picture), it looked as good as new. In addition, I chose this weight vest for its compactness, and it fits perfectly well with those adjustable straps as compared with any other vests I've came across in the market. I would recommend anyone to give this a go!

Defintiely look sick on you. Glad you love it!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Terence Ong (Singapore, SG)
The best Weighted vest in town

Too many good things in my opinion. Will start with

-perfect fitting for anyone. Hugs firmly on you body.doesn’t move around , or even slide too much Velcros around the vest will really secure the fit . If ya doing any upside down moves . Best will be firm hugged around your body

- of cause everybody wants to look go even if ya working work. I bet you heads will turn when you wear this vest to even do a simply push-up. It’s One tone Black color minimalist style is simple yet slick

- I got the 16kgs vest, it’s easy to adjust whatever weights you need to suit your workouts, just simple take out what you don’t need and all the weights will never drop out as It’s extremely secured

- what makes this vest one of the best beside just it’s looks , fit & style is it’s QUALITY. Perfectly crafted to hold up to 16kg, hold it from any part and nothing will ripped. Details like how the little D rings can secure the vest it amazing , and it’s padded strap for the shoulders , ain’t going to leave any mark on your body .

You be doing yourself a favour if you get one

What can we say for the awesome review like this? You've just made the team's day Terence! Keep crushing it and keep the world motivated with your content!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Anonymous (Johor Bahru, MY)
Good Item

Just received my 16kg Gravgear Vest and used for a few days. The build quality is superb and its fit to my body so that I can do my workout without any dangling issue. I have been comparing quite a number of weighted vest such as Decathlon and many other that can found in Shopee or Taobao. In the end, I choose Gravgear because of its build quality and its lifetime warranty. Being a body weight training enthusiast, I definitely recommend this and is indeed a worthy investment for a self training equipment especially during the Covit-19 period.

Happy to know our stuff stood the test of all the competition. And we knew it will as always. You look badass with the vest on. Keep levelling up buddy!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Levin L. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Best weighted vest

It is one of the best weighted vest out there. Weight is adjustable and fits well.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Shawn L. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Worth every penny.

I bought a 16kg vest from Gravgear in February 2021 to up my strength training and it is the best investment I have made this year in terms of fitness equipments. This is a serious kit if you want to increase your strength in any type of training. I use it for calisthenics and the gains in strength have been crazy!

It is extremely comfortable and well padded with adjustable straps to suit all body shapes and sizes.

My only issue would be the metal components of the vest, as seen in the photos, have started to rust badly. I’ve cleaned and sealed them once but the rust came back with a vengeance attacking the strap rings as well. They now bleed through the vest to stain my clothes after every workout so either I don’t wear a T-shirt or wear dark coloured T-shirt’s. To remove each brick after each workout to dry is quite a hassle and it’s hard not to sweat wearing the vest so that’s my only problem faced with the vest.

Overall, highly recommended fitness equipment and Wayne from Gravgear is super nice and accommodating! Keep up the good work! 💪

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
Saufi Sornsaeng (Singapore, SG)

If Leonidas had this.
He wouldn’t have lose to Xerxes.

The 16kg was slightly too big for my small body. I own both. Im 169cm & 67kg.The 12kg however was perfect for calisthenic. I have tried 3 different vest (decathlon both gen) this is by far the only one that doesn't move during running. The shoulder padding is comfy thou i wish it was slightly slimmer.

The strap at the bottom should have like a slot to hide the excess.

The only issue i have with this is that when you go running 1 way, you have to carry this back home yourself.

I noted the 16 & 12 kg weight nuggets are not interchangeable.

If you are beginner i recommend getting 12 instead of 16.

Grav Wrist Wraps - Zero
Kayden (Singapore, SG)
Wrist Wraps that are worth your money

Finding the right workout accessory isn’t always an easy task. Factors such as price, comfort and fit are important. More crucially, it has to be fit for purpose, and Grave Gear’s wrist wraps comfortably fulfils all of the aforementioned. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking to engage in a variety of workouts e.g. calisthenics, body weight training, weights etc. Our wrists are our body’s weakest link; care for them well.

We're so glad to hear that you found Grav Wrist Wraps comfortable and fit for purpose. We take pride in creating quality products, and it's always great to hear when they work well for our customers!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Michael McGovern (Singapore, SG)
The Best Gets Better

I purchased my 1st Grav Weight Vest (16kg) about 1.25 years ago and have used it 4 to 6 times a week since. The build quality was awesome and I clocked quantifiable shifts in my active HR during workouts / resting HR with the added weight, as well as noticeable gains in my calves in particular due to the added ~20% weight atop my existing frame.

Fast forward through all that use and it seemed time to replace the weight carrier (the Vest). I worked with Mark at Grav over e-mail (with him responding within 2 hours on a Sunday morning) and by Wednesday of this week I had my updated / upgraded vest.

Posting some side by sides of the old verses the new (current production) model. If you buy one of these today, what ships is a Vest with substantially more robust padding and ripstop fabric than the “v.1.0”, the closure belt is definitely chunkier as well, and the hardware fittings (e.g. the “D rings”) are now black anodised versus gunmetal / steel (highlighted at pic 3). That and the added thickness in the Shoulder Straps (pic 2) is an absolute Godsend for someone with a surgical repair for A/C separation some 15 years ago!

All beautiful upgrades to what was already a best in class product.

I’m presently working on sourcing a black on black Singapore Flag morale patch to adorn the front of this upgraded Vest as with the “all black” accents on the current model the Olive / Black (pictured on the original one) one looks outdated now.

Hat tip to Mark and the Gravgear team. Maybe if I stop my nightly Asahi’s I’ll get back to looking like some of the chaps in these review pics; but until then at least the Vest helps me stay in the “Healthy” BMI range and with a resting HR around 60 / 65 at age 41…

This is literally the best and in-depth review we've received by far. We hope our product will keep empowering your fitness!

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
Min (Singapore, SG)
Compact and mobile.

Body was de-conditioned due to Phase 2 HA. Bought the 12kg vest, dropped the weight by half and took it for a 5km walk. Love how well it conforms to the (female) body. It’s snug, with ample room for mobility. Especially useful for weighted pull ups as compared to conventional weight belts which can be quite distracting due to swinging. Currently doing progressive loading with 5km walk. Can’t wait to start jogging in it!

Thank you for your purchase and review of Gravgear. We're so glad to hear that you are enjoying the product! We designed the vest with women in mind, so it should be a great fit for you.

We appreciate all feedback. If there's anything about Gravgear that isn't working well for you or if there's something else you'd like to see from us, please let us know.

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
Zheng Jie (Singapore, SG)
Ergonomic design

I really like this vest as it is much more compact than any other vests I've seen in the market, in terms of its dimensions. This makes wearing it more comfortable, since it won't trap as much heat and sweat, and it is easier for you to breathe. I also like the velcro straps at the bottom of the vest, as they allow for easy adjustability, a snug fit, and easy removal of the vest too. Finally, the individual 1kg weights offer flexibility for your training. Another not-so-obvious benefit is that the individual weights allow the vest to conform closer to the contour of your torso, since the vest can still bend. This is unlike a metal plate which would make the vest totally rigid at the front and back.

Thank you for your review of Gravgear! I'm so glad to hear that it's been a good fit and has helped you meet your goals.

We're always looking at ways to improve our product, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback or suggestions. We want to make sure we're meeting the needs of all different body types and fitness levels--we wouldn't be here without our customers!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Ton Pamittan (Puchong Batu Dua Belas, MY)
Great vest

Good investment, fits really well :)

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review of our product. We're glad you've had such an excellent experience and we hope it will continue to be so!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Alvin Koo (Kajang, MY)
Comfy and sexy

I have a fractured right clavicle and I don't really carry backpacks around because it will feel uncomfortable. But this maxed out vest is still comfortable even after 1 hour of intense push up session. Highly recommend. Plus, you cannot find anything sexier.

We're so happy to hear that you found our product comfortable and sexy! We take pride in designing products that are both functional and fashionable!

And we really do want customers to be able to wear our product all day long with no discomfort. Glad you liked the design!

It’s actually really hard to find a good weight vest in SEA until I stumbled upon Gravgear by chance one day online. I can honestly say it is worth every cent. The make is of extremely high quality materials with lifetime warranty. Not to mention shipping cost for such a heavy material and it arrived in about 3 days. I use it for running and calisthenics and I can honestly say the challenge to do these have increased exponentially. The weights are removable so I am doing it in progression. Once you take it off to do drop weight sets you will be flying through your sets with ease, I kid you not. Definitely worth it to up your training game. My only complain is that I didn’t get it sooner. Highly recommended!

Hi Shawn, thank you for your review and feedback. Your words humbled us! So glad to hear that Gravgear is meeting your needs.

Boy oh boy, this thing ain't no joke. Probably the heaviest and the greatest weighted vest. Of course,it did challenged my workouts and made my training more exciting with different level of weights that I can control. This is definitely a must-have to all of those who are into training.

Thank you for the detailed review, Bryan.

We take pride in our weighted vest and it's great to know that we're helping people achieve their goals. Thank you again for your purchase and feedback!