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The Art and how theirs a lot of detail in each workout showing you what to do and what not to do and it makes you want to go and understand how to do each workout correctly and helps you build muscle and not make mistakes, one example is in the pull-up page and says to have your arms shoulder width apart and keep your legs together and your core tight all helped me build muscle a lot, I enjoy reading this and I also build muscle quicker.

Amazing Book

This is a great book for people trying to really get into calisthenics. The explanations for the exercises are very detailed and the program progresses you through the exercises effectively. Only on week 3 and a friend noticed that I have gotten bigger.

Poor customer service

Did not believe book would actually arrive, false and misleading emails (which can be provided). Delivery took over a month.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any confusion regarding the delivery of your book. The book was a pre-order from the start, with an expected 1.5-month timeframe for manufacturing and shipping. We realize we did not communicate this clearly enough.

To address this, we’ve now prominently included the pre-order information in the product title, not just in the description. We’re also improving our email communication to ensure our customers are fully informed.

We hope you enjoy the book and its content. We appreciate your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you once again for your patience.

Well made!

Grav Wrist Wraps - Zero
Dannelle (Glendale, US)
Wrists of steel!!!

I am new to calisthenics and these were totally a game changer for supporting my wrists and them getting used to the loads

Very helpful

It gives ton of tricks and tips on exrcices that are common, but very useful, and its very beginner friendly

Vest 12 kg Pro

Bought Pro vest specifically for weighted hike. Needed the front pouch for iphone 13.

The front pocket is really a tight squeeze for the Iphone 13 even with any case. A real challenge to put in and take out phone with vest fully loaded.

No real advantage over standard vest unless you really need rustproof weights

This is THE book of calisthenics

Very good book! Great advice and drawing! I love!


Calisthenics Playbook for Push Pull Squat (Physical book)

Absolute amazing book. I think it was well worth our wait.

Fantastic resource. Easy to follow.

Calisthenics Playbook for Push Pull Squat (Digital book)
Moritz Kries (Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, DE)
Good Plan

After 3 months, I've become stronger. Not much but already so much that I notice a clear difference at the beginning of the year.

Perfect fit fast shipping


This book is really the best out there to get into calisthenics. Very detailed and the drawings makes it easier to understand . I shows you what kind of muscle it activates according to the exercise. Definitely recommend this book

Learn the fundamentals of calisthenics

This book is a great education on the human and how to strengthen it. It breaks down each exercise and explains the how and why that exercise should be done and how it builds on other calisthenics. Finally it gives you a progressions and routines to follow to become a master.

Grav Gymnastic Rings
Dave (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing system, rings not as great

The quick change system with the numbered loops and carabiner clips make swapping between exercises a breeze and always symmetrical heights.
its a perfect system.
The rings however are a lot rougher than expected with some of the wood splintering off in very small amounts, leaving a very rough feel on the hands and a few tiny splinters, i may get some very high grit sand paper and try to smooth these out a bit.

Thank you for your detailed review. We’re thrilled to hear that you find the quick change system with the numbered loops and carabiner clips convenient for swapping between exercises, and that it provides symmetrical heights. We’re glad you think it’s a perfect system.

We apologize for the roughness of the rings and any splintering you’ve experienced. This is not the quality we aim for, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Using high grit sandpaper to smooth them out is a good temporary solution, but we’d like to make it right for you.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Incredible comfort

Easy to swap weights in and out, quick to take on and off, incredible shoulder padding and the hook and loop belt that sakes sure it stays snug through the entire workout.
Can not recommend this highly enough

Grav Weight Vest 37lb - Pro
Alejandro Campos (Denton, US)

The vest is absolutely fantastic the first time wearing it there was no issues no stiff materials needing to be broken in. Extremely comfortable on runs which is what i mainly use it for absolutely great product

Easy and nice

The book is an amazing guide line for calisthenics who wants to improve the movement on the exercise, the book shows all the mussels involved in each exercise, the exercises that are in the book a great for all level of calisthenics helping every person to approach their challenges.
Great book it is highly recommended 👌

Calisthenics Playbook for Push Pull Squat (Digital book)
Muhammad Rifqi Muizz Shaifulizam (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Excellent customer service

They helped me through my questions very thoroughly.
Great product too.
Highly recommend the product.

Grav Parallettes Edge
Mark (Perth, AU)

The paralettes seem to be of excellent quality , well made and very comfortable to use ... I like them.

Calisthenics Playbook Review

Honestly, it is an amazing book. It is very easy to follow and very easy to understand how to do different exercises!

Perfect for working out at home or at the gym without any machines. It teaches a lot about the muscles you are training and how it develops the muscle.

To top it off, it also covers how to train to the maximum and when to take rest days, so you get full benefits.

Great for beginners and people who want to learn more.

Dragon Force - Digital Wallpaper
Αντωνιος Λελας (Athens, GR)


Beautiful stuff

The gravgear equipment levelled up my calisthenics big time. Thanks boys

Well worth it

I’ve gone through many different workout regiments over the years and could never quite succeed in what I am wanting to achieve. I’m only two weeks into this and already gaining so much that my girlfriend and everyone around me is noticing a huge difference. I highly recommend this playbook to anyone looking to get into shape. It’s not complicated and it’s not hard, you just need to be willing to put in the effort.