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Levin L.
Best rings ever!

I really like it because it is very easy to set up and adjustable. Also i dont have to worry about being uneven. 100% recommend!! Also the straps is very sturdy so it won't spoil easily.

Thanks for taking the time for this awesome review!

Shawn L. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Top Notch As Expected.

After being thoroughly impressed by the quality of their weight vest, I couldn't resist the temptation to purchase these gym rings when they launched despite already owning another set. The moment I took them out of the box, I could already feel the Gravgear quality control on this bad boy. This review is written based on after 2 weeks of regular usage. Firstly, the rings were sanded perfectly and are a pleasure to touch. Has a nice little detail with the Gravgear logo etched into them. After 2 weeks the texture started to get less smooth which isn't a bad thing. Increases the grip in my opinion. I am not sure how the grip will increase further over time as stated in their description because of the wood that was used but I look forward to finding out.

What really caught my attention at the launch were the straps. I was enticed by the fact that I wouldn't have excess lengths of strap dangling and slapping me as I workout and also the fact that this uses a carabiner system to speed up adjustments (you can also see stitched markings on the strap to indicate the different levels to help with the adjustments quicker). Everything is stitched on so rest assured the markings won't fade over time. I'm pretty sure I can take the carabiner rock climbing as well (don't quote me on that) as they feel absolutely solid and secure.

Now, not all products are perfect but they can be given the right conditions. For me, the strap had one difference compared to the slide and lock mechanism on most gym rings after having used both. With the slide and lock, I can just stand on the ground and release or feed the strap accordingly to get my desired length. With Gravgear, if I wanted the rings higher for pullups, I would have to loop the strap around the beam several times to achieve the desired length. I think the mechanism works best for ring dip level to push up level.

But anyway, patience is a virtue and the tradeoff for not having excess strap dangling and getting in your face is definitely rewarding. Totally not a big deal and would I recommend this product, I already have and I most definitely will continue to.

Is the price justified? 1000 times yes because you will most definitely not find a product at such high quality anywhere I assure you with excellent customer service to match!

Something shines today in our store. I took a moment to look for it, only to realize that's your glowing feedback!

It is especially special to know you were drawn to get our gymnastic rings by our weight vest quality. So that we know we are on the right track to keep our stantdard high.

Thanks again for your time for this awesome review!

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