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by Gravgear

Calisthenics Playbook Cover - Digital Wallpaper

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We heard you like wallpapers. We heard you like calisthenics. So, we squished those two loves together to create this wallpaper.

Here, we present a parade of yellow dudes, bending and flexing in more ways than a cheap yoga mat. Oh, and did we mention the 4K resolution? Yep, we're that fancy. Light or dark, vertical or horizontal – we've got all bases covered with four versatile wallpapers.

5 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hector Rodrigues (Guarulhos, BR)
I didn't receive the wallpaper

On Instagram, I was promised that after purchasing the calisthenics manual I would receive the wallpaper for free. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Emmanuel O (Mount Vernon, US)
For some reason I didn't receive the email nor did I get the wallpaper?

I like the things on the website and stuff and really into calisthenics, but why is it complicated just to send a simple picture to someone's email?

Hi, I believe you should have received the papers by now. I'd like to apologize for the delay in delivery as something was overlooked on our end, and your file was not sent promptly. The issue has been fixed. I hope you are satisfied with the wallpapers.