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Will a Weight Vest Build Muscle?

If you’ve been into calisthenics training for a while. Or you are seeking for more challenge in the game. You might have been looking for something to spice up your workouts.
You’ve already made use of exercise variations, drop-sets and even negative reps. Well then, it’s time to add a weighted vest to your game.
Weighted vest is an equipment to connect your body with extra weights. It is famous among the calisthenics enthusiasts to add resistance and difficulty (the good kind) on their workout routines.

What’s the point of a weight vest?

So you might be asking, “That’s all good, but besides helping me look a tad bit cooler, how does a weighted vest help me? Does use of a weighted vest help me build muscle?”.
Well, having that extra resistance throughout your workout amps up the workout intensity. The more weight you lift, the harder your muscles have to work, the more result you are going to gain.
So, yes, weighted vests do help you build muscle. Let’s dive a little deeper.
To spur muscle growth, you have to push your muscles more than they capable of. The simplest way to do this is by increasing your weights progressively. That’s where the weighted vest comes in.
The science behind how resistance training can boost muscle hypertrophy is quite fascinating. A study by Brad J Schoenfeld should paint a clearer picture on the mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy.

What Other Benefits Are There?

Besides stimulating muscle growth, wearing a weighted vest can also result in improved bone density. Increased load on the skeletal structure promotes osteoblasts cell, which produce new bone material.
You will enjoy huge cardiovascular benefits from weight training as well. Your cardiovascular system has to work twice has hard: strengthening the lungs, boosting your metabolism and increasing your heart rate.
A good weighted training is also a nice cardio session for your heart.

Go Easy First

If you are new to a vest, go easy on your exercises and focus on obtaining proper form before going all out.
Start with a lower weight. Make sure you are comfortable with the extra weight. Your should be able to breath as per normal. Adjust the weight as you progress.
Weight vest is a powerful tool to up your game, when you already have a proper game. If you are just starting out in your fitness journey, start with little weight or put it on when you mastered your own bodyweight.

The Verdict

Weighted vest is not only useful in developing muscle. But it bring a whole lot of other benefits, such as increased endurance, stamina and cardiovascular health.
Proper technique and a fully adjustable weight vest is the perfect combo to elevate your fitness game.