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Grav Weight Vest 16kg vs 12kg: Pick Your Best Suit

TL'DR: Get the 16kg(35lbs) Weight Vest for best of value, 12kg(27lbs) Weight Vest if you have smaller body frame.

It's time for a workout! Which weight vest is right for you? We'll help narrow down your options by comparing two of our top-selling vests: the Grav Weight Vest 16kg and the 12kg.

Before we goes down to the differences, let's talk about the similarities. Apparently, these are the same for both weight vests:

  • materials like fabric and foams
  • weight blocks
  • belt measurement and thickness
12kg vs 16kg grav weight vest how to pick

This is the actual side-by-side comparison of Grav Weight Vest 16 kg and 12kg. The biggest difference is that the 16kg vest has one more column to host the extra weight blocks.

The 12kg vest is slightly smaller and shorter than its 16kg variant. The 12kg vest is perfect for those who are big, or small. Whether you have a large frame, or petite one this lightweight and compact variant of weighted vest will still fit just right with its adjustable belt!

Aesthetics wise, 12kg vest is always the safest choice. You can never be too big to look bad on this compact variant of weighted vest.

The 16kg vest on the other hand, provide the best bang for bucks and maximum challenge to your training. It is approximately 5cm wider than 12kg vest due to the one more weight block column.

The 16kg vest overall length is about 4cm longer too. Most men will have no issue fitting in this vest, we have seen a dozen of women with wider build go well with this vest too.