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Best Weight Vest in Malaysia: Lose Weight & Gain Muscle Fast

  • by Gravgear Team

If your fitness depending solely on a gym, this is not good. Your training should be pandemic proof. So you can level up your fitness anywhere, anytime.

Weight vest is a unique piece of equipment that can scale the intensity of all workouts. It is especially a great tool for practicing calisthenics. Where you often move your whole body as resistance during a workout.

If you are an advocate of weight lifting only, you can even just put the weight vest on and continue your barbell lifting. It will get your core engaged and make your lifting harder. The result? Bigger gain!

The best weight vest in Malaysia

If you are looking for the best possible weighted vest you can get in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the reasons.

You get the top quality gear

We premium everything possible in the Grav Weight Vest.

Grav Weight Vest does not:

  • bounce around when you are jumping and stomping
  • cover your torso more than necessary (bad heat dissipation)
  • cut in your shoulder and cause discomfort
  • fall apart within a month (like other cheaper vests)
Cordura fabric for ultra-durability, TPE foam for thick comfortable padding, super flexible belt that adapts to all body sizes. This is why Grav Weight Vest costs 4 times more than Decathlon Weight Vest.

    You are dealing with weight vest professional

    Gravgear is born literally from weight vest as the first product, and it will always be our main star in the store. What you will get is the result of infinite iterations of bettering and improving. And we are far from done yet, we are constantly tweaking and optimizing little detail of the weighted vest.

    You probably won’t find another brand that goes this deep with a weight vest. The team is training with the weight vest every day with various activity. So we know the ins and outs of our product, and we are confident our customers are going to love them as we do.

    You get continuous exclusive content

    Because we are our own customer, we create content exclusively using just our weighted vest. How to do weighted push-up, weighted pull-up, the optimized way to place the weight blocks, and a lot more. You may follow our Instagram (@thegravgear) as we are most active there and always post our content there first-hand.

    Do weighted pushup with Grav weight vest

    Fast and delivery

    We have a local warehouse located at Shah Alam that is responsible for all Malaysia orders. All orders will be directly fulfilled with fast shipping that usually reach you within 3 days. The best thing is, West Malaysia orders are all FREE.

    And it only costs an extra RM100 for East Malaysia orders. The actual shipping cost to Sabah and Sarawak is around RM200 (because weight vest is heavy) and we decided to subsidized half of the cost.

    Gravgear best calisthenics equipment in Malaysia

    What makes a good weight vest

    • Adjustable weights: Put in more weight blocks for more challenge, or reduce the weights for a drop set. Scaling your calisthenics intensity has never been easier.
    • Comfortable fit: The weight vest should attach to all body sizes with snug fit. Thick and wide padding distributes the extra weights evenly so you can last longer in a session.
    • Last a lifetime: No one wants to get a new weight vest every few months because the old one was too fragile.
    • Looking good: Let’s be honest, how likely you will wear something ugly every day? Having a weighed vest that make you look badass can be a valid motivation to kickstart another workout!
    • One vest to rule them all: The secret is the short profile design so the vest does not cost your range of motion and allows for maximum mobility.
    Female model warming up with grav weight vest 12kg

      Home workout is inevitable

      No matter you like to train in a gym or outdoor, mixing home workout in your training routine is a nice touch.

      • Working out at home will only getting more trending in years to come due to the pandemic. Public gyms are getting lockdown from time to time. You don't want the uncertainty to disrupt your fitness progress.
      • Calisthenics is superior to weight lifting, especially for upper body gain. Learn the technique to use your own body to train for bigger strength so you don't need fancy and expensive equipment at home.
      • You might be thinking you are sacrificing real gain for the convenience of working out at home. Not true. Not only you can gain insane strength gain with calishtenics, but you also spend less and save time in the process.

      Best fitness companion anywhere anytime

      Weight vest takes your home training to another level for obvious reasons. It is super portable. Wear it to anywhere you want to kickstart your workout. It makes everything you do weighted. All your trainings becomes harder so you can get the feeling of "defying gravity" right after because you have become a lot stronger!


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