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Weighted Vest vs. Dip Belt: Pros and Cons

by Wayne Foong Weng Hui on

Dip belt and weighte vest are great for weighted training. And they are great for very different reasons.

Why Are Weighted Vests So Expensive?

by Gravgear Team on

Ask any fitness expert, and they would agree that one of the easiest ways to make your workout more intense is to throw on a weighted vest. It...

Is Wearing a Weighted Vest Bad for My Spine?

by Gravgear Team on

Most people would agree that working out means pushing yourself to the limits. While this statement holds true, some people take it even farther -- by strapping on...

Grav Weight Vest 16kg vs 12kg: Pick Your Best Suit

by Gravgear Team on

TL'DR: Get the 16kg(35lbs) Weight Vest for best of value, 12kg(27lbs) Weight Vest if you have smaller body frame. It's time for a workout! Which weight vest is right...

Top 8 Calisthenics Equipment for Faster Progression

by Gravgear Team on

Looking to escalate your calisthenics training? Here is a list of equipment that will help you progress faster and make calisthenics safer.

Best Weight Vest in Malaysia: Lose Weight & Gain Muscle Fast

by Gravgear Team on

If your fitness depending solely on a gym, this is not good. Your training should be pandemic proof. So you can level up your fitness anywhere, anytime. Weight...

Ultimate Buying Guide: Weight Vest (to up your fintess game)

by Gravgear Team on

Ready to invest in a weighted vest? This complete guide will show you how to choose the best weighted vest, and take your training to the next level....

Train Harder With Wrist Wraps (Why, When, How to Use)

by Gravgear Team on

Wrist strength is the key to optimal arm strength. Wrist wraps compress the weakest point of your arm -- the wrists, and stabilize them so you can train...

Gravgear vs Decathlon, Which One Makes the Best Weight Vest

by Gravgear Team on

It's a fair question. Let's be real, there is no way for us to answer it entirely without bias (obviously, we think our weight vest is the best)....

How To Clean Weight Vest

by Gravgear Team on

How To Clean Grav Weight Vest Recommendation (Clean as a whole vest) This is how you should clean the vest most of the time, and it is suffice...