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How To Clean Weight Vest

How To Clean Grav Weight Vest

Recommendation (Clean as a whole vest)

This is how you should clean the vest most of the time, and it is suffice for most cases.

For usual cleansing, there is no need to tear down all the components every time. Spray odour eliminator after once in a while will be suffice and keep the vest fresh all the time. Or you can use a damped cloth to wipe the whole vest.

Dry the vest as a whole at somewhere dry and well ventilated. We generally suggest to avoid exposing the vest to direct sunlight. Doing so within 1 or 2 hours should do no harm to the product.

Keep reading for complete cleaning.

The Vest

You may rinse wash to clean the vest thoroughly. Remove the belt and iron weight blocks before the steps below.

For hand washing, fill the tub or sink with room temperature water. Add minimal laundry detergent and mix to prep the solution. Submerge the vest. Scrub the dirty spots with soft sponge if neccessary. Soak the vest for at most 30 minutes. Rinse well until the vest is completely cleaned from the soapy water. Hang dry in somewhere cool.

Machine washing is not recommended. As the unnecessary vigorous spinning might harm and degrade the material. If you must do it, keep the vest in a right size washing bag is a must. It will keep the vest in position and act as a protection layer during machine washing.

The Belt

There are two kind of surface in the velcro part of the belt. The hook surface and loop surface. Stick them together whether the vest is in use or idle is recommended. While leaving it opened and hanging around, the hook surface could harm the vest fabric material by accidentally brushing on it.

If dust and hair are trapped in the velcro surface. Use a comb to gently brush them out. Use the hand-wash method above to clean it if you must.

The Weight Blocks

The weight blocks are all come with a protective coating. Avoid using any detergent or soap on the weight blocks. As you may risk eliminating the coating.

The blocks are also the component that need the least maintenance as they are already in a well-protected position in the vest slots.

Damped cloth with water is all you need to wipe the blocks clean.

How To Store Grav Weight Vest After Usage

By 'usage', we mean breaking heavy sweat and pouring them onto your weight vest. Unless you wear the weighted vest with thick underwear cloth, or training in winter. They usually comes off soaking wet after the training session (that's completely expected and normal).

There are two keys to handle the weight vest in such condition. How to store it and where to store it.

Where to store it:

Anywhere that is cool and well ventilated. Avoid direct sunlight. At room temperature the weight vest should dry up around 8 hours.

How to store it:

Place the wet weight vest on the floor is recommended. Let the inside of the weight vest facing up and expose to the air as much as possible. This way the wet surface can efficiently let the moist evaporate.

Or you can hang it on a bar. Or somewhere that provides minimal contact with wet surface.

How To Store Weight Vest For A Long Time

Make sure the weight vest is complete dried and store in somewhere enclosed. likea storeroom. Invest in a dehumidifier is a good idea to keep the moist away. Or you can choose to put the vest in a air-tight bag and put several Silica Gel bag inside.

If you decide to hang the weight vest, taking the weight blocks out will help the TPE foam the shoulder strap to persist its shape. Else the weight will pressuring the shoulder strap for a long time. The TPE form would dense up and become thinner than it used to be, and it will need time to recover should the pressure is released.

Laying the whole vest flat on a surface (like a rack or floor) is probably the best. The weight blocks in the vest will not adding extra gravity to other parts of the weight vest.