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We're Hiring Content Writer

Content Writer Job Description


We’re seeking content writers for this very website GRAVGEAR.

GRAVGEAR is a brand specialized in fitness training equipment, especially in calisthenics workout. We aim to level up the fitness game with our premium gears.


We're looking for writers who meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent grammar
    • You’re well-versed in the rules of English grammar.
    • You preferably use a tool such as Grammarly as a backup to catch issues you missed.
  • Awareness of style
    • You’re conscious of writing elements beyond grammar that make text easy and enjoyable to read: varied sentence structure, rich vocabulary, succinctness.
  • Attention to detail
    • The quality of writing is more important than speed or volume.
    • Mistakes are inevitable, but you should perform due diligence in inspecting your own work for mistakes so that you minimize errors.
  • Ability to research
    • This job requires some light Internet research.
    • You should be able to fact-check and distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources.
    • You should be able to read and summarize other sources without plagiarizing content.
    • Most assignments require only reading websites, but assignments will occasionally require you to read scientific journal article abstracts/summaries.
  • Familiarity with fitness/calisthenics is helpful but not required.


  • Articles range from 500 to 1000 words.
  • Authors write all of their content in Google Docs.
  • We assign article topics.

What Makes This Job Unique

This job differs from most other content writer positions in a few important ways:

  • The content is accessible and trustworthy
    • When a user reads an article, they should feel like it answers their question sufficiently in language they understand.
    • The reader should never feel like the article is forcing them to read fluff they don’t care about or jargon they need to decode.
  • The content is for people, not search engines
    • Other content clients want writers to make articles a certain length or repeat certain keywords to satisfy SEO goals. While we value SEO optimized content, this is an explicit non-goal of GRAVGEAR.
      • GRAVGEAR articles should not repeat particular keywords for the sake of SEO.


Timing is very flexible.

Quality always over everything, and rushing work usually has suffered quality. So there will never be an emergency where we need you to produce good fitness content under 24 hours.

It is helpful if you can tell us when work will be available. If you tell us that you’ll deliver work by Wednesday but then we hear nothing from you Wednesday, that creates problems. Occasional delays are not a big deal as long as you keep us informed. 

Pay per Hour instead of per word

Although it’s common for clients to pay freelancers per word, this project is deliberately pay per hour.

We feel that per-word payment discourages writers from producing tight, concise writing. Different articles require drastically different amounts of work, so per-article payment does not fit well either. Per-hour payments allows writers to focus on quality above all else.

Everything writer do as part of producing articles is billable time. We will pay for the hours you spend researching, writing, and editing articles.

We don’t micromanage. As long as you’re delivering quality work, we won’t ever dissect your billable hours. It is your responsibility to honor weekly limits on billable hours. We cannot pay for hours billed beyond our agreed weekly/monthly maximum, though.

Payment Method

Payment will be made on monthly basis through Paypal, but we can discuss other options.

Attribution and Rights

Articles on GRAVGEAR do not have bylines or links to author’s websites.

  • Writers will receive a freelance writing contract to sign that spells out the details of the intellectual property rights.
  • GRAVGEAR retains full intellectual property rights to all content that writers produce during the hours for which they bill.

Apply now

If you’re interested in this job, contact the team with response to items below:

1. How familiar are you with fitness in general and calisthenics specifically?
2. Can you share the link to previous articles you've written?
3. What is your experience with professional web research?

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