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Excellent, quality product!

I have been using the Grav Gear gym rings for about a week. I bought them after misplacing another pair of premium quality gym rings. They arrived promptly, and the Grav Gear staff were very quick, courteous and professional in responding to my email quiery while the product was in delivery. I am impressed with: (1) the ease of use; (2) the overall quality and comfort of the product; (3) the attention to small details (things like how the caribiner is quick and easy to use and doesn't catch on the straps, yet still feels 'solid' yet light).

Thank you!

Paul M, Melbourne, Australia.

a weight vest purpose built for Calisthenics and its available in Australia!

Impressed by this vest, have had a few vests over the years but this one is by far the best fit and has a bit of a premium feel to it as well.
I still have full shoulder flexibility while wearing it and doesn't dropping down while in handstands.
Totally would recommend!!!

Great quality and amazing customer service

I received a faulty set initially but customer service was super responsive and was able to send out a new set very quickly. The new pair I received are super sturdy and are very good quality

Very good

I have had these parallettes for a while and love them. It's fun to try different forms of strength training compared to dumbbells and find my wrist don't hurt as much compared to the floor. The wood handle is very comfortable and the overall construction is durable. If you are trying calisthenics training for the first time I would recommend buying a pair of wrist straps to help your wrist.

Thanks for the love on our parallettes. We're so glad to hear that it makes your calisthenics training better!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg - Pro
Best Weighted Vest Ever

True to what is say and with great customer service. Love how the vest fits snugly to my body. Perfect for my trail runs. Great product!
IG: woo.nelson

The best vest i have tried

The quality is unmatched🚀 worth every penny

Grav Weight Vest 16kg - Pro
Gravgear Team
Love it!

Very good and attentive service. The product was shipped from SG to MY and had some issues with customs which Gravgear quickly resolved! Love how quick and prompt they are in responding. As for the gear…what can I say? Took it out for a trail run and it’s amazing…. Fits snugly and perfectly. Love it!

IG: woo.nelson

Awesome rings!

The wooden rings are made of real quality wood. Its straps are great for making the rings parallel. I would highly recommend this product!


I've had these rings for 1 month or so now and I will no longer hold back declaring that they are simply THE BEST in the market. If rings from other companies are of premium quality, Grav has responded with a supreme product. They have well and truly hit the bullseye, especially in the straps, which are top substance from the heavy stitching to the neat carabiner clip-on system. I am still blown away by how well-constructed this product is and it is definitely worth every dollar. Absolutely no regrets. Thank you for committing to making such high-quality products on top of your outstanding service!

Edwin Ong

Gymnastic Rings

The product is of good quality and it is very efficient and reliable as the straps are adjustable and numbered. The wooden rings are also very nice to use as it is sturdy and doesn’t really give your hand calluses. good product overall.

So so comfy!

I’ve tried a few weighted vests in the past and none of them can compare to this one! It feels compact when I wear it for runs or while working out. I can do burpees and jump squats comfortably where the vest feels like one with my body and doesn’t move around too much.

The material is super durable (I admit when I’m super worn out after using it, I kinda just toss it on the floor😂 but so far it still looks good!) and the vest is also aesthetically pleasing and I always get compliments when I wear it saying I look like a off duty cop!

Awesome rings!

These are absolutely high quality and sizable even for females. The locking/ adjusting mechanism is also fuss free and I can change heights in less than 10 seconds. Useful for sessions where you have to share them.

Ladies, challenge yourself and own the gym!

GRAV weight vest 16kg

Super comfortable that’s for sure. High quality material and the design is suitable for all type and size of body, and the best part is it makes you look BADASS!

Overall the quality is good and the appearance looks good too. The only problem is that there are tailoring lines on the edges, which also cause imprints on the hands if I'm wearing a long time. But it's not a big problem, still satisfied with the product.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg

Thanks for helping me pass my limit. This is great product, very good quality material and fits perfectly!

Grav Gear 12kg Weight Vest

Got my first workout equipment. Premium quality for dream physique. 100% recommend.


First time Ive bought rings and I found them very simple to align using the numbering latch system and the rings feel nice

Appreciate the love. May you get stronger every day!

Easy to set up. Super convenient

Grav Gymnastics Rings function differently from most other rings that we've tried. You just loop it over a structure, clip in and go. No dangling tails in the way or spending extra time trying to slip the strap into the usual buckle that works by friction grip. We did a full YouTube review and product testing of Grav Gymnastics Rings and Parallettes, watch it here: YouTube video placeholder
Grav Parallettes
Great Grip, multipurpose. Suited our needs perfectly.

Grav parallettes were made of birch wood, smooth to touch but yet grippy when holding on. True to the word, they took roughly 2min to assemble. As the parallettes could support heavy weight, we even stood on them to mount Grav gymnastics rings to a high structure.
If you're interested to see us testing and assembling the parallettes, here's our YouTube link where we did a review and product testing :) YouTube video placeholder
Grav Weight Vest 12kg - Pro
dylan tan
grav vest 12kg Pro

Great fitting, and comfortable at the shoulder area.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg
Zimraan Anjum
GravGear Weight Vest

Honestly, this vest is a great product. I recently purchased this in order to help me get stronger with my pull ups and pushups and it definitely gets the job done. The setup of the vest is simple and so is removing and adding more weight. Great material as well as super comfortable to wear. Also makes you look like your in spec ops so would highly recommend to anyone

Look like spec ops while training = serious gain mode!

Grav Weight Vest 16kg

Thanks for helping me pass my limit. Great quality material and fits perfectly.

Great grip and high quality

I struggled with grip on the steel parallettes at the gym, which made starting calisthenics additionally stressful. I put these together at home and bam - success on the first try! They're sturdy and look great, and the high-quality birch feels great and supports my grip for a long time. Now I look forward to the next session, and I can't wait to try out more GravGear.

My heart melt reading your comment. Thanks for all the kind words!

Grav Weight Vest 12kg - Pro
Winson Lam
Love this weight vest. Super high quality.

One of the most high quality weight vests I've bought. (I've tried heaps of different weight vests)

The buckle, the actual weight inserts, the padding. It all comes together to make this weight vest look and feel really good.

I like the 12kg version for power moves, it looks really good on, and I don't necessarily need heaps of weight to make handstand push ups or running so much harder.

For any huge weight (20kg+) I use a weight belt (muscle ups, dips, pull ups)

Grav Parallettes
Winson Lam
The perfect height, grip. Awesome quality.

These parallettes are the perfect height and size. If you have the space to bring these, they are the best use for handstand work, planche and all those movements. Tall enough to tuck your feet under when going from l-sit to handstand. Also tall enough to do things like planche push ups