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We're Hiring Graphic Designer

Are you an aspiring Graphic Designer looking for an opportunity to take on new challenges and work at your own pace?

If you are an enthusiastic designer with the ability to illustrate fitness concept with adaptive skills and attention to detail, we have the perfect job for you!

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to join our content team and take on full responsibility for driving bottom-line growth by creating awesome content that drive brand, product and business objectives.

Project Scope

If you're hired (through the application below), the first project is to create about 10 human illustrations for a total RM300 which takes about 10 hours to complete. 

Next up, we will offer a freelance-based contract with up to RM4000 per month.


We're looking for a graphic designer who meets the following criteria:

  • Create vector illustrations and various styles.
  • Basic understanding of human figure and muscle structure.
  • Illustrate naked human figure with reference to real-life image. (Ability to illustrate without a reference would be big plus.)
  • Excellent communication and follow instructions. Self-motivated and able to complete task independentlyAttention to detail. 
  • Familiarity with fitness/calisthenics is appreciated but optional.
  • Experience with social media or email design is a bonus.

What Makes This Job Unique

This job differs from most other content writer positions in a few important ways:

  • Content exposure: Designer’s work will be shared on all our channels and be consumed by thousands of readers, across the globe.
  • Work from home: No office, no traffic jam, no timesheet to fill. Only working at your comfortable home and at your own pace.
  • Objective driven: We hate micromanaging with passion. We only care about the outcome, not how you did it. 
  • Flexible timing: Quality is always over everything, and rushing work usually has suffered quality. So there will never be an emergency where we need you to produce good fitness content under 24 hours.

Apply now

  1. Illustrate the following figure with reference to the Styling Guide (Download)
  2. Open the Styling Guide in your preferred vector software (AI or Affinity Designer).
  3. Output the work in PDF format. (We'll send you RM30 if that's a good work)
  4. Submit the work and complete the form: Graphic Designer Application Form
  5. We'll contact you within one week. 

Got questions?

Message us over Whatsapp or email us at