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Dominate Your Bodyweight Fitness with Grav Gymnastics Rings

If you are serious about calisthenics or body weight training, you need to invest in a pair of gymnastic rings. You are not testing your true capability in calisthenics exercises without it.

Introducing the Grav Gymnastics Rings, a revolutionary new product that uses carabiners quick adjustment system to remove all guess work so there is no need wasting time getting perfect alignment.

Let's gain the unparalleled gains in strength without having to leave your home.

Best gym rings for calisthenics

The best gymnastic rings

Grav Gymnastic Rings aim to the superior and vastly improved version of regular rings in both usability and aesthetics. We will breakdown the features and specification in comparison with the regular rings:

Strap adjustment system with carabiners

When we are aligning regular gym rings, this is usually how the process goes.

  • Adjust both rings to desired level with rough estimation.
  • Take a step back and check if both rings are even using eyeballs.
  • Adjust one ring to match the other and eyeballing again.

We need to do these for a several time back and forth to make sure both straps and rings are the perfect even level.

With our Grav Gymnastic Rings however, you can get the perfect alignment in just a matter of seconds.

Grav Gymnastic Rings use a carabiner system with numbered slots on the straps.

Simply hold the ring in desired level, clip it to the height of your choice via carabiner. Do the same to match each other. It is that simple!

You should focus more on working out and less on setting up.

Wooden gymnastic ring is the king, period

Nothing provides better grip than a good pair of wooden gymnastic rings.

Our gym rings uses Zelkova wood which absorb our palm sweat without the need of band and chalk.

It doesn't contain latex or any other harmful chemicals so perfect for those with allergies. No more skin irritation over time like metal or plastic rings.

The Zelkova wooden rings has a high density and low porosity that makes it more durable than other materials.

The longer you are using wooden rings, the better they age. The wood color is likely to become deeper which mark the age and character as you grow stronger.

Double layer straps for awesome durability and safety

Safety is everything when you are hanging your whole body weight on a pair of straps and rings in mid-air. Grav gym rings uses straps that are ultra heavy duty and double-layered with a carabiner on each end.

Super durable strap and dense webbing from grav gym rings

The straps are almost 50% wider than their competitors. They are made to be strong and perfect for any workout, no matter how rigorous it is.

Pay close attention of how Grav Gymnastic Rings handle the stitching in the straps.

We uses double thick stitching lines every few inches along the whole strap to form 10 numbered loops with precision

On the other hand, regular gym rings tend not to have as secure stitching in their construction because they are made with thin threads that is questionable to last long enough for all exercises.

Double layer straps from grab gymnastic rings compare to regular one

Grav gym ring's straps (bottom double straps) are built with dense webbing. That is the reason why these straps are so durable.

This also ensures that the strap won't break when you put a lot of weight on it, which can be dangerous if not taken care of correctly.

The dense webbing also makes them more resistant to stretching or fraying, as compared to the regular one (top single strap).

Quick release carabiners made with ultra strong zinc alloy

The carabiners are made of zinc alloy, which is much stronger than steel. The alloy in the design of these carabiners prevents them from rusting or tarnishing.

In just a few seconds, the sturdy carabiner can clip on and off of your strap for quick adjustments. The combination of mechanism and material is built to handle more weight than ever before so you're able to go heavy with confidence.

Ultra strong zinc allow carabiner from grav gymnastic rings compare to regular ring

Typical buckle system (on the right) are not only hard to setup, the mechanism possesses risk of slipping off the strap in nature.

With carabiner clipping firmly on each anchor hook, you get to train fearlessly with a peace of mind knowing the setup can withstand up to 400kg/880lbs.

Neat setup and easy organization

If you are not aware, Gravgear is all about aesthetics for all our equipment. Grav Gymnastic rings is no exception.

Grav gymnastic rings compare to regular rings neat setup no excessive straps

There is no excessive straps that gets in your way like regular gym rings.

You'll never have to worry about trying not to trip on excess straps again, or be distracted by them while you're swinging your way through a workout. Just clip the excessive end and get going.

After a grueling workout, it can be difficult to keep your gymnastic ring set organized. With our strap just loop the carabiners at one end in a circular pattern and attach with the other end for an easy way to hang up all of your rings without any hassle.

This design makes organizing time-consuming equipment so much simpler after every training sessions.

Grav gym rings easy to keep and maintain compare to regular buckle system rings

Lifetime warranty

Grav Gymnastic Rings are designed for a lifetime of use. They're made to last 10 years or more, and come with our lifetime warranty guaranteeing that they won't be faulty in any way.  If you want awesome quality rings built to last the Grav Gym Rings is your choice!

For more information on this, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for Lifetime Warranty details.

What's the benefits training with gymnastic rings

If there is only one piece of equipment you can bring with you as an avid calisthenics enthusiast, it would be a pair of gymnastic rings. Gymnastic rings are not only versatile, but they're also very easy to store. In a pinch, gymnastics rings can be used for pullups, dips or push-ups; as suspension training straps; and even as low bars for running drills.

Expose your weakness in stability

Gymnastic rings provide an unstable surface, which forces the muscles in your body to work harder than they would on any other surface. This increase in muscle activation can help you build more strong and healthy muscles!

While performing an exercise on gymnastic rings, the largest muscle groups in your body are constantly firing to keep you from collapsing. When these muscles become tired they'll start to shake and tremble while still maintaining a solid form.

For instance, you might be holding an upright position on parallel bars fine and steady. Try holding the same position on gym rings and you will start to tremble and shake. It means several things:

  • Your body is not used to this instability
  • Your shoulder and arm stability is lacking
  • Your strength is lacking

Keep practising it and eventually, you are going to get the hang of it. By then, you have one more weakness wiped off your list. That improved balance and stability are transferable to all other movements of physical activity.

Build bigger muscle and strength

Performing a workout with proper form on gymnastic rings require a lot of power. They are also (almost) impossible to cheat on or fake your way through because they will make it painfully obvious when form breaks down.

With the full engagement of body and mind, you get to:

  • Recruit more muscle fibres
  • Rapid build nerve adaption

You get the gymnast build and strength as a result. You'll be getting that body shape and strength like you've been doing nothing else than pumping iron in the gym for months!

You get two-in-one with this sport: your frame will take on an athletic build and stay strong because they're always practicing their skills so much to overcome the instability.

You'll not only look strong but actually be strong.

Awesome full body compound exercise

Why train a single muscle group when you can train the full body all at once? Gymnastic rings are a great way to challenge your whole body. From the back, shoulders and core to legs- it's a battle between gravity and an unstable surface that requires extraordinary coordination of all parts in order not losing the good form.

When you are training with gym rings in the mid-air, your body is forced to engage every part of itself for fear that it will fall. The instability forces a higher level of coordination and agility throughout the entire body as an individual struggle not just against gravity but also whatever natural tendencies he or she may have on their own.

Working out is a chore for most people. But compound exercises save time and make it less boring!

Extremely portable and easy to store

You probably couldn’t find another fitness gear that let you train at your max capacity anywhere, yet being so lightweight.

You can either bring a pair of 20lbs dumbbells outdoors and train the upper body in an isolation manner. Or you can bring a pair of 3lbs gymnastic rings, hang it up, and proceed to train your whole body with your full bodyweight!

You can store the gymnastic ring easily in your bag or locker without taking up much space at all. A great travel companion that you can just pack into your luggage and keep up with your training schedule all the time.

Gymnastic rings are friendly to joints

Standard pull-ups are boring. The bar is stationary and the body stays in one position, which can result in muscle strain or injury due to excess pressure being applied on certain joints.

Compared to a static straight bar, doing a pull-up on rings are a lot more friendly to the joints. It let your arm and wrists rotate in a natural motion.

When doing a pull-up on gym rings, your palm is facing out at the bottom position. When you are pulling up, the palm turns facing in (chin up) until you reach the top. At the top, your palms also tend to face each other (neutral grip).

Versatile for veteran and beginner

Gymnastics rings are often seen as a difficult exercise for fitness veterans, but the truth is that they can be used to make your beginner workout easier and more fun.

This is because, for many beginners, it might be hard to perform exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups off the floor with no other support. However, if you were able to find a gymnastics ring of appropriate height (usually about chest high) then pushing up from them would feel much less strenuous on your arms while also being a lot more challenging than doing nothing at all!