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Grav Weight Vest - Top Selling Weighted Vests in Singapore

Weight vest is plenty in Singapore, but it is way too hard to find a top-notch one that is going to last a lifetime. Grav Weight Vest series is here to fill the gap.

Many think that all weighted vest works the same. While that is not entirely incorrect, the design and build quality can be a huge factor to make or break your fitness game.

We've done an in-depth comparison with a general weighted vest, proved that a well-designed weight vest provides comfortable resistance to our workout. Else, it could becomes an unpleasant burden.

Here's why choosing Grav Weight Vest in Singapore is a good idea:

We are weighted vest specialist

We design our weight vest to be the most useful from premium quality material. It must be something we would like to use on daily basis, compatible with most training styles, badass-looking, adapt to all body sizes. Grav Weight Vest checks all the boxes.

Grav weighted vest design sketches

It's not over yet, we believe nothing is perfect. Thus we are still gradually improving our weight vest from various perspectives. The weight vest series can only get better and stronger.

We’re based in Singapore

Gravgear is proudly founded and based in Singapore, 2020. Yes, right in the middle of the Corona pandemic.

Weighted vest made for best range of movement

That was a time everything was on a halt. Gyms have been locked down, even all the lovely outdoor fitness corners are temporarily shutdown for the sake of circuit breaker. Home workout once again has become a big trend. While the choices of fitness equipment are plenty in local market, it's not easy to locate the quality one.

We born to support the idea of working out anywhere and anytime, without compromising the training quality. By choosing us, you are empowering the small business that aims to elevate our fitness community game, including you.

We create useful (workout) tips for our stuff

We love to create workout and provide tips on how to fully utilize our weight vest. Again, we love our vest and our team use it almost everyday in various training (if only we could recruit more athlete to the team!). The fact is, the workout ideas are endless given how versatile is the vest.

As of now, we will be sharing the content exclusively on newsletter and our Instagram.

gravgear instagram iphone screenshot

While you may apply our content on other kind of weighted vest, sometimes the tips are exclusively made based on Grav Weight Vest only. Such as how to take care of the vest and what is the optimal placement of iron nuggets.

We ship fast and for free

For sure, the lovely Grav Weighted Vests are hosted in Singapore warehouse. Although we officially stated shipment would need 2 to 5 business days to be delivered, we’re usually able to fulfil the order in 1 to 2 days. Sometimes you might get the same day shipment if you got lucky!

We support your product with lifetime warranty

We’re probably the first one offering lifetime warranty for fitness gears. That’s not a promise to be taken lightly but we have utmost confidence in our quality. We are more than happy to stand behind all the orders. Failure by the product nature is very unlikely to happen, if it does, we’re here to support you.

On top of that, all purchases are guaranteed to have a 30-days no-question asked refund policy. Whether you are happy or not with our products, all of them can be returned for full refund for no reason.

Removeable weights in Grav Weight Vest

Benefits of Wearing A Weighted Vest

A weighted vest offers several benefits in helping you increase fitness, get a healthier body, burn additional fat, as well as to build muscles.

For beginners, you can start out easy and then work your way up simply by adding the weighted irons to suit your level of fitness.

Wearing a weighted training vest is also the safest way to add extra weight for walking, body-weight exercises, distance running and workouts without unbalancing the body's muscles while enhancing the performance.

Get Strong Fast

Transform just about any activity into a resistance exercise. Fully adjustable weight system allow your workout to be customizable with ease. The result is burning more fat, building more muscle, boosting skills, in no time.

Build Awesome Physique

Weighted resistance training build awesome muscle mass like no other trainng method. Doing bodyweight exercise with weighted vest involve multiple muscle groups that is hard to target normally.

Premium Construction Quality

Built with durability and comfort in mind. The extremely durable CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics padded with high density TPE foam. Train with it shirtless, no rash, no irritation, easy on bare skin. Each of the carefully casted weight blocks sit securely in individual pockets, and would not move a bit in vigorous movement.

Built for All Movements

While wear-testing these vests, a few of us wore them for over months straight to wide range of workout. From cardio to strength training, running, calisthenics, gymnastics, street workout — the vest adapts all of it with ease thanks to the compact design.

Ultra Comfortable

Finally, a weight vest that doesn't wear you out before your training does. The even placement of weight blocks at the front and back offers perfect balance. The thick padded shoulder strap distributing weight comfortably through the whole body. Performing weighted trainings with perfect coordination, is no longer a dream.

Never Miss a Workout

Forget about having to go to the gym for your workout and wasting money on expensive gym memberships. You can now get a killer workout at home and wherever you go with the Grav Weight Vest. Getting a quality training session has never been easier.

Grav Weight Vests Features

  • One size fit all and unisex
  • Customizable weight with 16 adjustable 1kg iron weights
  • Extreme durability by CORDURA ® Advanced Fabrics
  • Persistent shape by high density TPE foam padding
  • Comfortable contoured padded shoulder straps
  • Reinforced metal D-rings at shoulder strap
  • Secure fit by torso belt
  • Heavy-duty buckle on torso belt

Burn more calories with Grav Weight Vest

What's inside the box:

  • 1 x Weight vest
  • 2 x Metal D-rings (on vest)
  • 2 x Metal D-rings with Buckle (on vest)
  • 1 x Velcro Belt
  • 12 or 16 x Iron Weights

Weighted Vest FAQ

What workout this is for?

The better question is, what workout this is NOT for? Because we simply cannot find any workout that is not compatible with this vest.

We design the weight vest to be part of human body with optimal fit. It is ready for all workout and always will be, if only you are ready to add challenges.

Walking, running, jumping, squatting, push-up, pull-up, sit-up, handstand, calisthenics, CrossFit, cross training, HIIT, military-style training, yoga, and even sports like football and basketball. The list goes on.

What size should I wear?

The Grav Weight Vest is unisex and one size to fit all. It features adjustable straps with strong velcro that allows it to contract or expand as needed for an optimal fit.

I feel soreness after using the vest for a while, is this normal?

Yes! The soreness is the sign that your body starting to adapt to the additional weight it has not to experience before.

Just take the vest off when you are taking a break between training sets. After a few sessions, you should be complete the whole session without taking it off.

Do the weights bounce around when running and jumping?

Not even a bit! Every iron nugget is sitting tight in its tailor-made pocket. With the heavy-duty strap around your torso and contoured shoulder strap, it becomes a part of your body throughout any movement.

12kg vs 16kg?

The only difference is 16kg is 5cm wider than the 12kg vest. Go for 16kg if you are looking for more challenge and more adjustment room. 12kg is good for those who demand a maximum range of motion thanks to its smaller size. Read in-depth comparison here.

Is the vest bullet-proof?

We don't know. Tell us if you want to test it, we'd love to find out the result too.

Care Instructions For Grav Weighted Vests

Weight vest with strong velcro strap

The vest

  1. Spray odor eliminator directly on the vest and hang dry.
  2. Take all the weights out. Detach the bottom strap. Putting the vest in a washing bag of its size is strongly recommended for machine washing. So the vest will keep in position and the exposed velcro part will not damage other fabric parts.

The weights blocks

Use only a water-damped cloth to wipe the iron nuggets. Avoid using any chemical detergent to protect the coating.

Taking care of your weight vest is great for its longetivy. Read the full guide here:
How To Clean Grav Weight Vest

Grav Weighted Vest Singapore Customer Reviews

Our premium weight vest is proven from loves of our users, from all walks of training style. From martial arts to running, strength training to cardio workout. The versatile design of Grav Weight Vest could easily adapt to the movement, adding extra resistance without hindering the range of motion.

We handpicked a few reviews, visit the product pages for more from the happy owners!


Weighted Vest Singapore Customer using for bodyweight training

"Just got it a few days back and wore it for my workout for the first time yesterday and I already know, this is some high quality stuff! Shoulder pads are thick yet not cumbersome, and the weights are nicely individually houses. When exercising there's not excessive movement that hinders or distracts. Lastly, the quality of the vest is really top notch! I'm glad (my fiancee) I got this. But there's one regret, I didn't get the 16kg one instead lol."

-- ★★★★★ by Joel T.


Weighted Vest Singapore Customer using for running

"Recently I ran 9km with 8kg attached, and did bunch of bodyweight exercises with 10kg weights. Love how versatile the vest is and the shoulder pad allows the weight to sit comfortably on my shoulder without causing any pain or abrasions. When it’s tightly strapped towards the body, i can run comfortably with minimum bouncing movement from the vest. And i like the pocket design that i can easily add and remove weights from the pocket. Highly recommend if you want to increase strength training benefits, and level up your game!"

-- ★★★★★ by Nelson W.


Weighted Vest Singapore Customer using for calisthenics

"I've been using the Grav weight vest for a couple of weeks and am extremely happy with the purchase! The vest is easily adjustable and can be cleaned easily as well. Training with the vest will help you see rapid gains and take your workout to the next level. I highly recommend this purchase if you are looking to bring your game to the next level !!"

-- ★★★★★ by Kai Sheng A.



The weight vest that last a lifetime

If you are still not sure how to pick a weight vest that will survice an apoclypse, and push beyond your limit with absolute comfort, give the ultimate weight vest buyer guide a read.