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Why Are Weighted Vests So Expensive?

Ask any fitness expert, and they would agree that one of the easiest ways to make your workout more intense is to throw on a weighted vest. It is an excellent piece of equipment that can help you build strength and endurance without the need for tons of extra gears.

The only thing is, a weighted vest can be a tad bit pricey than some other workout equipment. Many failed to justify the price tag. They rather invest in a cheaper vest, only to find it failed quickly than expected, and restart their weigth vest review research for the next vest.

What they failed to understand is, the money they have spent on several cheap gears could be invested in a quality one, which will last them decades!

So, is a quality weighted vest worth the price tag? The short answer to that question is a definite yes!

We know, we are obviously biased. But this answer also comes after taking various factors into consideration. Below we have all the reasons to why weighted vests are generally are on the higher end.

Made Using High-Quality Material


We like to premium everything in the material for our gears. One of the main reasons why weighted vests are expensive is because they are made using a very durable fabric called Cordura fabric.

Known for its durability, ruggedness and toughness, Cordura provides excellent stain resistance and colourfastness properties. The fabric is also more long-lasting compared to other piece-dyed fabrics. To add to that, Cordura is also waterproof, breathable and odour resistant. Thanks to all these properties, the U.S. military uses Cordura in designing their vests.

Different components like shoulder straps and panels are attached together in a solid fashion. We keep the stitching lines minimal and clean, without sacrificing the reinforcement force to keep everything together. That’s the secret why our weight vest keeps its shape after every vigorous workout you threw at them.

Has Heavy Padding

A good shoulder strap makes the weight vest comfortable and feels lighter.

Heavy padded shoulder straps distribute the weights evenly throughout the whole body. This can ensure the weights are secured and proportioned equally around your body. Plus, it can also keep your body balanced while you’re moving without causing any injuries.

One tip to benchmark a weighted vest comfort-ability: it should feel lighter strapping on the body, compared to when it is hand-carried.

The front and back panel which is holding the weight blocks are also vital to have proper padding. They are the layer between your torso and the weights. Good padding will reduce the impact of the weight movement during vigorous exercises.

Put it in another word, a proper padded weighted vest should feel like cloud, a heavy cloud.

High Shipping Fee


Courier company charges the shipment fee based on the item weight. Unfortunately, weight vests are heavy (duh!). Hence it’s like popcorn and a movie, weight vest and high shipping fee always stick together.

And it is more than the last-mile local delivery charges.

We don’t produce the weight vest in where we sell it. When the stock is ready, we will have to move it from the manufacturer's warehouse to the overseas delivery point. From there it will go through a weeks-long sea shipment to our local warehouse. All the shipping cost adds up in the end.

Bounded by our warehouse geometry location, we do offer free delivery service to customers nearby the stick.

You can rest assured that all our weighted vest will arrive at the right location, in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right condition, to the right customer, with the correct invoice.

Comes With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

gravgear warranty for life

We do not compromise on quality. We mean it and promise you a lifetime of guarantee that our product will be in top-notch condition.

This is not something you will generally find in other fitness equipment brands. Other brand are selling equipment, we are selling training buddies for life. They should be there ready, when you need them.

If by any circumstances, one of our products has failed to make the mark, we'll fix or replace them. This includes defects in materials or workmanship, oh did we tell you it is free of charge? All you got to do i contact us with the order number and pictures of the item. We will fix it for you!

Versatile and Multi-Purpose

A great weight vest can rule all of your workouts all by itself. It should have remarkable versatility across different exercises. So you don’t need to get the weighted leg wrap for your running, and another kind of vest for your Crossfit.

Grav weighted vest is designed to be part of your body after strapped on. They are compact enough to be minimal for all the movements while allowing maximum of flexibility. No more grabbing dumbbell in an awkward position or getting the weight belt and plates just for a single dip exercise.

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Whether you are working out from home or heading to the gym, a weighted vest is a great addition to your routine. Despite the big price tag, a weighted vest is an incredible tool to help push you and definitely worth the investment.

So, now you see why our weighted vest are expensive? It’s literally a one-time life-long commitment!

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