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Review Contest is Now On-Going: Get Rewarded Every Week

We are turning our Review Contest into a on-going weekly contest to encourage all customer leaving a honest and creative reviews on our product and service. We want to reward those who take the time to leave us feedback, so we're giving away prizes every week!

Every week one lucky winner will be selected from new reviewers who left at least 1 review across (at least one of) our platforms.

How to enter

    • Picture submission is mandatory.
    • Use the same name as in your purchase order, so we can filter better.
    • Write at least one review in at least one of below-mentioned platforms.
    • You can recycle the same content to post on all the different platforms.

    Our Website

    You should receive a review request email several days after your purchase. There is also an accompanying "Write a Review" button under the product page of your purchase.

    Gravgear product page write review


      We rely big time on traffic by Google search. Again, multiple pictures are welcome.

      Write a review for gravgear on google

        Facebook page

        "Do you recommend Gravgear?" Answer this question with your best feedback so we can possibly reach out to more like-minded people like you.

        Write a review for gravgear on facebook

        What are the prizes?

        • First 20 entrants gets a pair of Grav Wrist Wraps.
        • One entrants get to win S$100 Gravgear store gift card (no minimum spend required)

        How do we determine the winner?

        It's simple, the review that is creative, honest, informational, wins.

        We are not collecting reviews just to build a magnificent brand with full 5-stars. We believe that everyone deserves an honest and thoughtful review of our products or service. We want to hear what you think, good or bad! That said, you can even win away with 1-star review given you've providing enough value to the shoppers.

        Picture says a thousand words. That's especially true in writing an engaging review. We love to see our product in action, and it should show the world why you care to spend time sharing about it!

        How do we announce the winner?

          We will announce it in our Instagram story. Make sure you are following us to stay informed.

          Reviews are our lifeline

            We are a young brand and reviews matter to us more than anything else. If you've tried one of our products or services, please take the time to leave an honest review on any online shop where we're available for purchase.

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