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Home Calisthenics Workouts and Equipment (Beginner)Jun 06, 2022 Home workout saves money, are simple and affordable, and you can gain the result as...
Home Calisthenics Workouts and Equipment (Beginner)
Calisthenics Glossary (Common Training Terms)May 21, 2022 Confused by all the fitness terms? We've consolidated the most common fitness terms in this article.
4 Workout Tips to Get Fit for Sure (It's Not Hard)May 21, 2022 1. Are you training for strength or endurance? 2. How long are you resting between sets? 3. Your muscles can only make three movements 4. Progressive overloading
The Only Guide You'll Need for Perfect Pull-Ups (with Game-Changer Illustrations)Feb 18, 2022 A perfect pull-up is a full range of movement, meaning you can completely lower and...
how to do perfect pull up illustration
Chin Ups or Pull Ups: How to Choose the Best Upper Body ExerciseFeb 18, 2022 Chin-up targets your back and biceps. The opposing movement, pull-ups, targets your back, arms, and...
Chin-ups Vs. Pull-Ups: Which Should You do?
Complete Calisthenics Skills ListDec 08, 2021 30+ calisthenics skills (with illustration) to up your strength and build awesome body shape. Not...
cover photo for all calisthenics skills illustration
Running with A Weighted Vest: Everything You Should KnowNov 12, 2021 Running with a weighted vest is becoming increasingly popular among athletes. Weighted running can improve performance and has been used by many runners for this reason. A weighted vest works...
Build Muscles by Doing Only Push-Ups: Everything You Need to KnowNov 12, 2021 Push-ups are one of the most underrated exercises out there. They're easy to do, and they work your whole body. Push-ups can build insane strength and hypertrophy in your chest,...

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