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Comfy and sexy

I have a fractured right clavicle and I don't really carry backpacks around because it will feel uncomfortable. But this maxed out vest is still comfortable even after 1 hour of intense push up session. Highly recommend. Plus, you cannot find anything sexier.


It’s actually really hard to find a good weight vest in SEA until I stumbled upon Gravgear by chance one day online. I can honestly say it is worth every cent. The make is of extremely high quality materials with lifetime warranty. Not to mention shipping cost for such a heavy material and it arrived in about 3 days. I use it for running and calisthenics and I can honestly say the challenge to do these have increased exponentially. The weights are removable so I am doing it in progression. Once you take it off to do drop weight sets you will be flying through your sets with ease, I kid you not. Definitely worth it to up your training game. My only complain is that I didn’t get it sooner. Highly recommended!


Boy oh boy, this thing ain't no joke. Probably the heaviest and the greatest weighted vest. Of course,it did challenged my workouts and made my training more exciting with different level of weights that I can control. This is definitely a must-have to all of those who are into training.


Why i chose Gravgear over other Weighted Vest?

- It looks damn cool especially styling wise when compared to other weight vest that’s available on the market, it’s way ahead in the design
- the weight bar are adjustable per kilogram, u don’t have to buy them separately
- it’s like have the most “IT” thing in town & make me motivated to push even more ✌🏼


Easy purchase and delivery to your door within 24 hours! Love the quality of the simplicity and quality of the product. If you do even a bit of walking it is worth the investment. Big fan!

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