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Write Us a Review and Win: Be honest and creative!

Update: Shawn Leishman is the winner.

We want to hear what you think! That's why we're giving away a prize to whoever leaves the best honest review. 

Whether it is telling us about your favorite product or service that we offer or sharing ways in which we could improve - all of these comments matter because they help shape our future decisions.

How to enter

         1. Write a review at the particular product that you own, you can pick the product from our all product page. At every product page, there is a "Write a review" button, picture/video submission is mandatory.Gravgear product page write review
           2. Write a review at Google. (picture/video submission is mandatory)

      Write a review for gravgear on google

             3. Write a review at our Facebook page. (picture/video submission is mandatory)

        Write a review for gravgear on facebook
             4. Complete the registration.

        Complete registration for review contest at gravgearYou don’t have to create unique review for each platform, just write the review once and paste them.

        What are the prizes?

        • First 20 entrants gets a pair of Grav Wrist Wraps.
        • One entrants get to win S$100 Gravgear store gift card (no minimum spend required)


        Obviously, you must be owning at least one of our product to be eligible in this contest. You don’t have to be our existing customer, you can always get our product today and join the contest as long as it is not expired yet.

        All reviews has to contain at least one picture of our product with the brand tag. This is how we can tell if you are owning our product. 

        If you have left review at one of the mentioned platforms before, leave some reviews at the remaining platforms and you're in.

        The contest will run from now until July 31th so don't wait too long!

        How do we determine the best review?

        Best review doesn't mean blind positive review, but we are looking for honest and creative feedback. You can share your thoughts on our products or service you’ve been received so far from our team. We encourage entrants to share their views in various perspectives, in the way they can help our future potential customers to make decision.

        Pictures make for a valuable review. We love to see our product in action, so don't forget to showcase the product and how you are using it! You can upload more than one picture if desired. Anything from training ferociously or even just taking a selfie with our gears on.

        The winner of S$100 Gravgear store credit will be determined by how creative and helpful they are with their feedback, not just if it's positive or negative.

        How do we announce winner?

        The winner of S$100 Gravgear store credit will be announced at two places:

        • in the comment section of this post
        • in our Instagram story

        Let us hear your voice

        As a young brand, reviews and feedback are our lifeline. We want to know what you think about us so we can continue improving. If you've tried one of our products or services, please take the time to leave an honest review on any online shop where we're available for purchase. Your thoughts matter more than anything else!